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Beyond the Numbers: Elaine Gott

(Sep, 2018)

Elaine Gott recently joined Dermody, Burke & Brown as an Associate in the Syracuse office.  She specializes in bookkeeping and consulting services and works closely with clients to help...

Do You Need a Business Valuation?

Paula Ellenberg, CPA, CVA, MST (Sep, 2018)

Today’s “baby boomers,” age 53 and over own the majority of businesses in the United States and the majority of them do not have a clear cut “exit strategy” or “succession plan.” The following are...

529 Savings Plans

Brian Wegman, CPA (Sep, 2018)

Cooler temperatures, changing leaves, and back to school - fall is certainly here.  While your little ones may be off to start the new school year, now might be the perfect time to begin...

New York Establishes Employer Compensation Expense Program

John Calogero, Principal (Aug, 2018)

This past April New York established the Employer Compensation Expense Program (ECEP) as a component of the 2018-2019 New York Budget (S7509-C/A9509-C) which will begin in 2019.  The new...

Vacation Homes Under the New Tax Law

Patricia P. Greenhouse, CPA (Aug, 2018)

Upon returning home from that great summer vacation the idea of buying a second home in those beautiful locations may be on your mind, along with the sounds of the waves and Jimmy Buffet.  While...

Beyond the Numbers: DB&B Payroll Services

(Aug, 2018)

Payroll Services can provide you the solution to streamline your company’s payroll process and allow you to run a more efficient business and increase profitability.  Dermody, Burke &...