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Beyond the Numbers: Katia Palucci

(Jul, 2021)

Katia Palucci, MBA recently joined Dermody, Burke & Brown as an Audit and Accounting Associate in the Syracuse office.  Katia received both a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting and a...

IRS “Dirty Dozen” Breakdown: Scams to be on the Lookout For

Taylor Moore (Jul, 2021)

The "Dirty Dozen" list is released every year by the IRS as a way to warn taxpayers about the twelve most current and prominent scams taking place. The 2021 list was broken up into four categories:...

Vacation Home Rentals

Katie Rivers, CPA (Jul, 2021)

After a year of travel restrictions, lockdowns, and social distancing, many individuals are eager to return to their pre-pandemic lives.  For most, getting back to old routines may include a...

Beyond the Numbers: Chalea Jones

(Jun, 2021)

Chalea Jones recently joined Dermody, Burke & Brown as an Accounting Specialist in the Custom Accounting Solutions (CAS) department.Chalea specializes in delivering custom outsourced...

Tax Changes of the American Rescue Plan Act for Businesses

Christian Samara, CPA (Jun, 2021)

American business owners have faced no shortage of challenges in the past twelve months brought on largely by the changes from the COVID-19 global pandemic. Tax law has been no exception, as there...

Beyond the Numbers: Samantha Thomas

(May, 2021)

Samantha Thomas recently joined Dermody, Burke & Brown as an Associate in the Tax department. She received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics, with a Minor in Accounting, from Syracuse...