Financial Literacy – Part II

By: Jill Palmeter, CPA, Partner (Sep, 2012)

As noted last month in Dermody, Burke & Brown’s “Financial Literacy – Part I” thought leadership email, financial literacy and knowledge of not-for-profit organizations’ management stakeholders are essential in regard to the sustainability of vibrant organizations.  A good place to start is often an organization’s audited financial statements, which could at times look rather intimidating to anyone other than a not-for-profit auditor!

Start with the Statement of Financial Position (a Balance Sheet in the for-profit world). It is a snapshot in time, usually at the end of an organization’s fiscal year.  But why are the previous fiscal year’s numbers there also, and what are assets, liabilities and net assets anyway?  Lots of cash is good, right?  Well, it depends.  How much should we have in reserves?  And there are those unrestricted, temporarily restricted and permanently restricted categories.  What do they mean?  And why are board restricted net assets considered unrestricted by the auditors?

Continue on to the Statement of Activities (Profit & Loss Statement in the for-profit world).  How are revenues and expenses categorized?  Why are expenses always unrestricted? And there are those unrestricted, temporarily restricted and permanently restricted categories again!

A Statement of Cash Flows---why is that even important?

And why do some not-for-profits have a Statement of Functional Expenses while others do not?  And then there are pages and pages of footnote disclosures---why?


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