Keeping our clients satisfied is a top priority at Dermody, Burke & Brown.  We are committed to helping our clients achieve success and our client testimonials are a testament to that commitment.  Read below what some of our pleased clients have to say about our firm and the service we provide.

Testimonial Listing


"In a world that is forever changing one thing that has remained constant is the support of our accounting firm. Dermody, Burke & Brown provides proactive advice and guidance throughout these turbulent times that is invaluable to our organization. 

NUAIR is not your typical not-for-profit and Dermody, Burke & Brown is not your typical accounting firm. They take the time to understand the complexity of our organization and offer sound solutions to help further our mission. DB&B is the consistency we need as NUAIR continues to evolve and soar to new heights."  

- Emily DeMarche
Chief Financial Officer, NUAIR

Northeast UAS Airspace Integration Research Alliance Inc. (NUAIR) is a New York-based nonprofit organization that provides unsurpassed expertise in unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) operations, aeronautical research, and consulting services.

NUAIR manages operations of the New York UAS Test Site at Griffiss International Airport and is responsible for the continued advancement of New York’s Advanced Air Mobility Proving Grounds and 50-mile UAS corridor – facilitating beyond visual line of sight testing and commercial drone operations.


Hear 2 Learn, PLLC

"Financial management is a complicated task for any small business owner. For my company, it requires careful sets of eyes on the various facets of the work we do; so, the transition from an "in-house" financial manager to an outsourced team certainly felt like a risk.

Dermody, Burke and Brown's Custom Accounting Solutions was so worth the risk.

Their team of accountants and managers assisted and offered support for me and my office team every step of the way. They are the careful set of eyes I needed so I could focus on the leadership my company needs. I couldn't be happier with the outcome."

 - Arlene Balestra-Marko,Au.D, FAAA,PASC
Principal Member, Hear 2 Learn, PLLC

Hear 2 Learn is a New York State Department of Health and Education approved agency for early intervention and preschool services with services in several counties in Central New York. The agency seeks to enhance the lives of children with diverse special needs by providing individualized and multidisciplinary services, family-centered therapies and community outreach. Hear 2 Learn offers the highest quality of care by investing in our professional staff with mentoring, continuing education, state of the art technology, and support.

The agency officially began in the Summer of 2000 as a sole private practice focusing on home-based early intervention services for the many children who were now identified with hearing loss at birth.  In 2007, Hear 2 Learn expanded into clinical audiology services with a full service pediatric audiology clinic that currently provides a wide-range of diagnostic and dispensing services. 


Cathedral Candle Company

“Cathedral Candle Company has been in existence for over one hundred years and over fifty of those years have been with Dermody, Burke & Brown. As our fourth and fifth generation of Steigerwalds take the lead, our accounting firm continues to provide us with proactive, insightful advice that contributes to our current and future growth – lighting the way for our next one hundred years.”

 - Louis Steigerwald III
President, Cathedral Candle Company

Cathedral Candle Company has served Christian churches through the master craft and art of candlemaking for more than a century. Since our Syracuse factory began production in 1897, we still hold true to our innovative methods and high quality formulations. We’ve worked hard to perfect the hand work and ornamentation techniques our founder and great-grandfather, Jacob Steigerwald, created.

Today, Cathedral Candle Company is owned and operated by the fourth and fifth generation of Steigerwalds and we continue to make church candles exclusively, remaining true to our original values. The factory, on Kirkpatrick Street in Syracuse, remains the core of today's expanded manufacturing facility. Our longstanding CPA firm, Dermody, Burke & Brown, has been by our side along the way and has been instrumental in continuing to support our future goals by providing sound advice in many areas of business. We are proud to continue supplying a quality product that preserves the tradition of helping churches to light religious faith with the living flame.


Wiltsie Construction Company, Inc.

“Dermody , Burke & Brown provides industry-specific knowledge and big-picture thinking that gives us the edge to remain ahead of the curve. They speak our language and offer a unique outside perspective that has been instrumental to our continued growth in the competitive industry we serve.”

- Peter Wiltsie
President, Wiltsie Construction Co.

Founded in 1970, Wiltsie Construction Company, Inc. is a multidisciplinary business providing comprehensive steel fabricating, field construction, and mechanical maintenance services to clients across a range of industries, including the power, chemical, petrochemical, refining, pharmaceutical, food and beverage, and metals and minerals industries.

In 1987, Wiltsie launched a steel-fabricating facility to build stand-alone steel products for industrial and institutional markets and to enhance its service to traditional clients with single-source accountability for the design, fabrication, erection and finish coating of custom-steel product for industrial requirements.

Wiltsie has developed specialist knowledge over 48 years through successful delivery and cost effective and efficient solutions to clients. We have distinguished ourselves and earned the respect of customers through outstanding dependability, performance, quality and steadfast commitment to excellence. Wiltsie looked for those similar qualities in a CPA Firm and Dermody Burke & Brown provided that same commitment to excellence, along with specialization in their industry, that has contributed to our growth and continued success.


Matt Brewing Co.

“We have developed a strong relationship with Dermody, Burke & Brown that transcends numbers.  They are true business professionals and have contributed to our long term success.”

- Nick Matt
CEO, Matt Brewing Co.

Matt Brewing Co. has over 100 years of history and experience brewing high-quality, award-winning beer. As the brewery expanded, we needed a CPA Firm we could trust so we were free to focus on mastering our craft.  CEO Nick Matt hired Jim Kane and Dave Bowles (photographed) to provide tax, auditing & accounting services at the highest professional level for over 20 years.  Without the expertise and continuous support of our longtime CPAs, our longevity and growth would not be possible. Today, Matt Brewing Co. is one of the most respected breweries in the country, and wins awards and accolades for its beers around the world.

Matt Brewing Co. is an award-winning, family-owned brewery based in Utica, NY.  It was founded by FX Matt pre-Prohibition and is the producer of the Utica Club brand and the Saranac brand. Matt Brewing Co. has been a community pillar for over 128 years and has expanded to include a brewing tour center, bar/tasting room and a gift shop.  Matt Brewing Co. is based on the principles of family, quality & innovation, and community.


Currier Plastics

"Early on we recognized we needed a strong, reputable firm with a regional presence.  Dermody, Burke & Brown took the time to understand our business challenges and offered us valuable advice that was critical to our long-term growth and success."

- John F. Currier
President, Currier Plastics, Inc.

Currier Plastics started its business in 1982 based on a foundation of integrity and a strong commitment to their customers.  Currier Plastics wanted a CPA and business advisory firm that shared these same principles.  Through the years DB&B has provided critical advice at each juncture of Currier’s growth.  From multiple expansions and record growth to crucial financial decisions, DB&B was at Currier’s side.
Over the last 30+ years, Currier Plastics has grown into a state-of-the-art Design, Custom Blow Molding and Custom Injection Molding facility in a highly competitive market.  The key to Currier’s success it that it provides the technology and performance of a large manufacturer, while maintaining the agility and responsiveness of a small company.  Through precise time-to-market manufacturing and design, Currier provides integrated and innovative solutions to improve business opportunities.  Its Design, Blow and Injection Molding operations have earned the reputation of providing uncompromising quality and unsurpassed customer service.  Currier was awarded the Atlantic Region Winner by the Association of Manufacturing Excellence (AME) as a testament to its growth and success.


Dr Kiltz

"To relax, I enjoy making pottery. When I need information on growing my practice I count on Dermody, Burke & Brown, CPAs."

- Dr. Robert Kiltz, MD
Owner, CNY Fertility Center

Running a successful practice in three, soon to be four, locations takes a significant amount of planning, coordination, and effort from myself and everyone around me. I couldn’t do it without all of the people that support me, including the team at Dermody, Burke & Brown, CPAs.  It is because of them that I can have more balance in my life and trust that the financial side of my business is getting taken care of by a team of true professionals. To relax, I enjoy making pottery. When I need information on growing my practice I count on Dermody, Burke & Brown, CPAs. They allow me to concentrate on what is most important… my patients.

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