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Through working with a diverse client base, Dermody, Burke & Brown (DB&B) has a unique opportunity to see the common factors most profoundly effecting clients' operations - factors such as Information & Communications Technology (ICT). In today's global economy, ICT isn't just important, it is ubiquitous. Not surprisingly, DB&B observed that organizations utilizing optimal solutions for voice, video and data are more effective and efficient - and usually more profitable. We also noticed that many of our clients were confused about their ICT choices. From "big picture" decisions about overall network infrastructure design down to the hardware and software on individuals' desktops, many of our clients were struggling to select, implement, and use the best technology for them.  Technology that would grow as they grow, change as their needs change.

DB&B's Information Technology Services:

Network Design & Consulting

Our ICT team performs needs analyses of clients' existing network infrastructures, evaluates the components' strengths and weaknesses, and develops and implements design plans to suit clients' emerging technological needs.

Network Security

We help clients protect themselves from a wide variety of Internet-borne threats via innovative network security technologies. We also develop state-of-the-art solutions to preserve data integrity and manage existing network infrastructures securely.

Network Optimization, Monitoring & Efficiency

We have the devices that can assist any company in better optimizing and monitoring their ICT network and systems. Overall monthly costs incurred from telecommunications equipment and network downtime can cripple a company. We can streamline the productivity of the network, reducing overall costs.

Office Productivity Consulting

To help clients use technology to its fullest potential, the DB&B ICT team provides customized classroom training and reference manuals on the Microsoft™ Office Suite as well as general internet usage and web browsers.

Computer Fraud Prevention & Investigation

DB&B develops both preemptive strategies and post-incident solutions to mitigate such ICT abuse and security concerns as:

  • Preventing malicious destruction of vital data and documents
  • Detecting employee misuse of ICT systems
  • Stopping unauthorized network access
  • Preventing of fraudulent transactions
  • Performing IP address tracing and email tracking
Sarbanes-Oxley ICT Readiness & Planning

We are experts in multiple types of IT Regulatory Compliance. If your company or organization is obligated to follow one or more compliance regulations, we can help. We provide Internal Audit, Consulting, and Pre-Exam Readiness services for all types of compliance areas. 

Project Management

For those clients needing to enhance or develop new business capabilities, DB&B can specify, plan and coordinate the ICT solution, handle functional process design, develop detailed specifications, and help negotiate with outside vendors. DB&B has been an authorized, certified reseller of Sage Select products since 1986. Sage Software provides business management software and services to more than 2.4 million small and medium-sized businesses throughout the U.S. and Canada. Applications cover a full range of business processes including accounting, customer relationship management, contact management, human resources, e-commerce, distribution, and specialized industry processes, among many others.

Disaster Recovery Planning

DB&B helps clients plan for the worst case scenario: manmade or natural disaster. Our ICT team identifies all tasks that must be completed before, during and after a disaster and a timetable for each. We provide an executive summary and complete documentation of all backup and recovery procedures. We create inventory lists associated with off-site storage, information for backup recovery, and ultimate synchronization of data at the conclusion of the technology recovery process. We also help clients establish the tasks and teams that are critical to the recovery process and develop training requirements for executives, team leaders and team members, to ensure that all technology or business changes are considered for in the recovery plan.

Eployee Lising

For more information email or call 315-471-9171 to contact:

Chris Hannan
Chris Hannan

Chris Hannan

Chris Hannan joined Dermody, Burke & Brown as the Director of Information Technology in 2004 and was the firm’s IT consultant for six years prior to his start. He is an Information Technology expert with over 20 years of experience in the electronic industry. His background includes Network Engineering, Design, Auditing, Forensic Analysis, Communications and Security. In addition to this experience, Chris has worked on technology audits for several industries including banks, school districts and large for-profit and not-for-profit organizations in various audit and project capacities.

In 2007, Chris started Optimal Technologies, LLC and remains active in supporting the clients of Dermody, Burke & Brown with their IT audits and network support. He is a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer, a Cisco Certified Design Engineer, a Citrix Certified Systems Engineer and a Microsoft Certified Professional.

Brennan Kirsche
Brennan Kirrsche

Brennan Kirsche

Brennan Kirsche joined Dermody, Burke & Brown in 2016 as a Network Administrator in the Information Technology department.  He has over five years of experience in the IT industry working for professional service and computer service companies. He is experienced in hardware and data recovery, basic network setup, and server maintenance. 

Brennan received a Bachelor of Science Degree in New Media Interactive Development from Rochester Institute of Technology.

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