Custom Accounting Solutions
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Custom Accounting Solutions

The world is changing and so are the demands on your business. Businesses in this fast-paced economy need real time financial data at their fingertips. This information needs to be in a format that is easily accessible from anywhere, easily managed, and utilized properly.

Dermody Burke & Brown’s Custom Accounting Solutions (CAS) can help. We can deliver the outsourced accounting support that is right for your business. Whether it is Basic Accounting, Advanced Accounting or a Full Service Accounting Department, we can provide the solution you need. 

Our firm has been providing valued strategic business, tax, and a wide range of consulting services for over 65 years.  We take the time to understand your business operations, past success, current challenges, and future goals to create the infrastructure needed for your success. Dermody, Burke & Brown, along with our CAS team, has extensive experience in all levels of finance and accounting. We can help streamline your workflow, making you more efficient as well as deliver custom management tools designed for success. This will reduce in-house costs and save valuable time by leveraging the latest technologies on all of your devices.

Basic Accounting:

A good fit for small businesses with basic accounting needs, including your essential company tasks such as monthly bank reconciliations, accounts payable processing, and dashboard financial reports.

  • Cloud-based accounting software
  • Document portal
  • Accounts payable entry & processing
  • Payroll allocation
  • Employee expense tracking & reporting
  • Monthly bank & credit card reconciliations
  • Sales tax reporting
  • Balance sheet & income statement
  • Year-end trial balance for tax preparer

Advanced Accounting:

This is a good fit for businesses with more complex accounting needs, including full bookkeeping services, accounts receivable, asset maintenance, and payroll processing. 

  • All Basic Accounting services
  • Accounts receivable client invoicing & payment application
  • Payroll processing
  • Depreciation & fixed asset maintenance

Full-Service Accounting:

A complete bookkeeping and accounting solution with a team of professionals handling all of the processes and procedures. This service is ideal for companies that want advanced reporting and optimal performing analytics.  

  • All Advanced Accounting services
  • Project tracking & billing
  • Inventory Management
  • Cash flow analysis & budgets
  • Advanced management & reporting analysis
  • Additional solutions such as KPI analysis, custom app integration, and special project consulting

Additional client accounting services can be added such as KPI analysis, custom app integration, and special project consulting.

If you are interested in easing accounting costs and processes, or want more real time financial data 24/7, then our Custom Accounting Solutions might be the perfect fit. Our trained, professional team members are happy to answer any questions you may have and assist in making the right decision for your business.

Client Testimonial:

"Financial management is a complicated task for any small business owner. For my company, it requires careful sets of eyes on the various facets of the work we do; so, the transition from an "in-house" financial manager to an outsourced team certainly felt like a risk. Dermody, Burke and Brown's Custom Accounting Solutions was so worth the risk. Their team of accountants and managers assisted and offered support for me and my office team every step of the way. They are the careful set of eyes I needed so I could focus on the leadership my company needs. I couldn't be happier with the outcome."  Read Full Testimonial.

- Arlene Balestra-Marko, Au.D, FAAA, PASC, Principal Member of Hear 2 Learn, PLLC