DB&B Community Spotlight: Caeresa Richardson, Owner of Ecodessa

As an Accounting Firm primarily run by women, Dermody Burke & Brown has a special appreciation for Women's History Month. Throughout the month, we will spotlight inspiring women who demonstrate how they Break the Bias and make a difference in our community.

This week we are featuring Caeresa Richardson, owner of Sustainable Fashion Boutique, Ecodessa. Watch our short video, or read the full interview below!



Can you tell us about Ecodessa?

Caeresa: Ecodessa is an ethical fashion boutique, so I specialize in making it really easy for the busy boss babe to shop her values by curating only the best, most stylish, most modern trendy fashions from ethical fashion brands around the world.

What motivates you to advocate for women’s empowerment and gender equality? 

Caeresa: My daughter. Hugely. It’s really important for me to build a life that I want to live, but also one that she is gonna be comfortable living in in the future.

How do you break the bias at home, in the community, or at Ecodessa? 

Caeresa: My answer to this question is always “I take up space.” Any room that needs diversification, any room that needs shaking up, any organization that needs shaking up, Caeresa needs to be there. So that’s really how I break  bias is by taking up space and providing examples for people who have never seen a little girl like me do what I do.  

As a strong community leader and business woman, do you have any advice for young women looking to grow or advance in their careers?

Caeresa: I would say, know your people. Connect with people that empower you, that support you just the way that you are. And they recognize your challenges, your flaws, and they help you improve on those, but also they accept you for being you. I think that’s super important—especially as a woman. I feel socially women are always encouraged to change a lot about ourselves. So finding the people that help you be the best version of you is important. 

In honor of Women’s history month, who is an influential woman who has made an impact on your life? 

Caeresa: Definitely my older sister.  She will always say that I was her Christmas gift. She’s seven years older than me and dreamed of having a little sister her whole life. And then when I came into the picture, she felt like she hit the lottery. I didn’t’ associate being a black woman with anything negative because I had her in my house.  She was literally a walking Barbie to me. She did everything. She was super powerful, very educated, so I just followed in her footsteps. 


To learn more about Caeresa and Ecodessa, check out her website or follow on Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn.

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