DB&B Community Spotlight: Nancy Kern Eaton of the United Way of CNY

As our Community Spotlight Series during Women's History Month comes to a close, Nancy Kern Eaton, President of the United Way CNY shared some thoughts about what this month means to her. Read her full interview below as she shares how the United Way and Women United are supporting women in business. 


Why is Women's History Month Important to You?

Hi I'm Nancy Kern Eaton and I have the privilege of serving as President of the United Way of Central New York. Thinking about Women's History Month makes me think back to when I was growing up in a large family at the tail end of the family. My older sisters really were born in another generation than I was. And I realized that my parents did something unusual. They believed–and they made sure my sisters believed– that they could achieve anything. And in fact my oldest sister, at a time when many women weren't even going to college, received her PhD from Yale. That was a gift my parents gave all four of the girls in my family and I didn't realize it at the time but it really was such an important message to each of us as we grew up. 

How Do You and the United Way Help Support Women in Our Community?

When I think about where we are in terms of woman and what we’ve achieved, it’s important for young women to remember that women in this country only got the right to vote in 1920. Not very long ago when you think about the history of things. And when you look at data there’s still a lot of room for us to grow. 

Here in Syracuse and Onondaga County, we have been excited at United Way to create Women United, which is a group that brings together women from all across this community. Every profession, age, ethnicity, race to share in celebrating women in business. To have our women who are more experienced and successful mentor younger women and really learn more what’s happening in our community, what impacts women and girls, and how we can work together to improve lives for every person in our community. We’re proud at United Way to think about how we lift folks up. And we’re excited through Women United that we can do more to bring women together, focus our energy, and make a difference.


Learn more about the United Way of CNY and Women United or how you can help support our community.


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