Introducing Our New CEO, Carolyn Sturick

The partners of Dermody Burke & Brown CPAs are pleased to announce that Carolyn Sturick has been named the new Chief Executive Officer effective with the New Year. Carolyn previously served as the Chief Operating Officer since 2010.

As CEO, Carolyn Sturick will focus on setting the company’s future course through strategic growth, ensuring continued client success and maintaining the personal relationships vital to a successful firm. Carolyn succeeds Madelyn Hornstein who served as CEO since 2010.

Madelyn says, “With my impending retirement at the end of 2023, it is important for the firm and our clients to have a leader in place now to ensure a smooth transition. Carolyn has been with the firm for over 33 years and in a leadership position for 13 years. She has the respect of her clients and our employees. She is the perfect person to take over this position and I have no doubt she will lead with integrity and continue to help our clients achieve success.”

Carolyn states, “I am looking forward to this new role. I am confident in our talented team of employees here at DB&B and I am so honored to represent them. Our top priority is and will continue to be our clients and helping them achieve their goals. If I can be of assistance, please do not hesitate to reach out to me.”

Carolyn Sturick, CPA, CITP, CEO



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