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The Focus - Our Tax E-Newsletter | 07/01/2009

Beyond the Numbers: Kurt Ohliger, Jr., CPA, Partner

Kurt joined Dermody, Burke & Brown in October 2007 with over 20 years of experience in public accounting, specializing in a broad array of fields.

The Focus - Our Tax E-Newsletter | 06/02/2009

Desperately Seeking Cash

Ensuring adequate capitalization is the question du jour as the list of victims of the economic turmoil grows rapidly. So how are businesses getting more cash to boost liquidity and ward off economic problems?

The Focus - Our Tax E-Newsletter | 06/01/2009

If Nobody Gets the (EZ) Credit, Who Gets the Blame?

April 15th. The end of the traditional income tax "busy season". The first day of the year that tax CPAs begin to seriously think about white sandy beaches and green rolling fairways. And then came the email alert!

The Focus - Our Tax E-Newsletter | 06/01/2009

Welcome to The Focus- A Monthly Tax e-Newsletter

Welcome to the inaugural issue of The Focus, a monthly tax e-newsletter designed to keep you up to date on all the timely financial information and key issues affecting you and your business. In each issue we’ll feature current and…

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